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Continuous Security Testing

We believe Traditional Penetration testing is not enough to make sure that your system is safe against online threats, large application estates, or applications that are changing often, provide challenges for traditional pen-testing. It’s just not reasonable to perform a few pentests years and believe to be safe against online attacks. While introducing new vulnerabilities in your application every single day by either pushing new code to the production or making any changes to the previous one. So, a new approach is needed that delivers Continuous security testing solutions with the ability to scale. That’s why we believe in Continuous Security Testing. Our Continuous Security Testing (CST) service gives you visibility of potential vulnerabilities, across your infrastructure, 365 days aall around the year.

Who is it for?

Vulnerability scanning software is for organisations who want to continually (or as and when required) test their applications and infrastructure to catch vulnerabilities before they cause an issue.
This specifically includes companies which often push code to their production servers, becuase every time a code on the server changes, It affects the Application logic, Tech Stack, Dependencies and may bring infrastructural changes to the network where applications are hosted and every code update/push to your production server or application may bring new vulnerabilities into action. So this services is for the organisations who want to continually test their applications and infrastructure to keep an strict eye on any new vulnerabilities introduced to their network or application.

Our Methodology?

In this scenario your product is tested every week/month or after a specific time-gap, you are made aware of the new potential vulnerabilities that arise by updating or changing code to the production servers. This is done via the weekly/monthly summarized reports of your product which include different types of attacks and test-cases that your application had gone through. This brings both new vulnerabilits and quick insight of the test-cases you product had gone through.

What we test?

Things we test under this service may vary on the type of assets we are asked to test, Please have a look at these links to understand the amount and type of testing that will be done on the target assets:

  • Web Application Vulnerability assesment and Penetration testing
  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing
  • Access Control Model Evaluation (Role Based Testing)
  • Infrastructure Penetration Testing.
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • API Security Testing

  • Read more about Continious Security testing at our blog


    - Continues surveillance on your application and network security
    - Continuous Attack Surface Management
    - Balanced Vulnerability Reporting
    - Cost Efficeincy



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