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Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile app penetration testing exposes vulnerabilities in the cyber security posture of a mobile application. It is important for both developers and customers of mobile applications, that proper levels of security exist. This is especially the case for applications that handle sensitive data and functionality. Mobile application security testing gives assurance that the expected security protections exist and are sufficient.

Who is it for?

This service is for organisations who develop mobile applications which deals with the sensitive information and functionality related to the customers. An vulnerable Android Application is as catastrophic as vulnerable vulnerable Web Application when it comes to the security of the customers and their data.

Our Methodology?

Snapsec use latest security tools and procedures to perform different set of analysis on your mobile application, this includes static and dynamic code analysis, communication alaysis, Underlying API testing, Analysis of file management , and Reverse Engineering when necessary. Our team also spends alot of time in understanding and attacking the business logic and network-level data flow of the application.


We look at the mobile application from 6 differnet perespective when it comes to indentifying security issues in them, Artictecture and Desing issues, Communication issues, Data Storage and privacy issues, Anthentication and Authorization issues, Misconfigration Issues , Undelying API issues.

Artictecture and Desing issues: Identifying and exploiting any security issue which has arisen due to the insecure design and architecture within the application. This includes understanding and then targeting the intercommunication of different logical components of the target application.

Communication: Identification of any possible channels which transmits senstive information like passwords over an unencrypted connections, making them vulnerable to interception.

Data Storage and privacy issues: Clear text storage of sensitive information is one of the most found vulnerabilities in modern Mobile Apps. Hence looking and identifying any possible cases where sensitive data such as user passwords, API keys, etc., in clean texts are indentified and reported.

Anthentication and Authorization issues: Identifying any possible security issue in login, Register, password and session management of the target application, This also includes testing any possible ways to perform 0-click or 1-click accounts takeovers.

Misconfigration Issues: This includes Indentifying any misconfigration issue within the 3rd party services or libraries used within the application or within the application itself, One of the examples can be improper handling of debug messages and error codes while developing which eventually reveals application-related internal information to the end-user.

Undelying API issues: Perform API security testing on the underlying API consumed by the target mobile Application, This also includes indentifying any possible web vulnerabilites like XSS, SQLi , Information Disclosure, Privilege Escalation within the underlying API.


- Identification of exploitable security issues
- Help meet regulatory and compliance requirements
- Customized reports will help you take both strategic and tactical decisions
- Discover Security issue in the Underlying API consumed by the APP
- Enables secure extension of business applications



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