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SAMA Compliance

The SAMA Cybersecurity Framework (SCF) is a framework developed by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) for managing cybersecurity risks in the financial sector. The SCF is based on international best practices and is designed to be flexible and adaptable to the specific needs of financial institutions in Saudi Arabia. The framework consists of five main pillars: governance, risk management, asset management, incident management, and continuous improvement. Each of these pillars includes a set of specific requirements and guidance for financial institutions to follow in order to effectively manage cybersecurity risks. The goal of the SCF is to help financial institutions in Saudi Arabia protect their assets, maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their systems and information,and ensure the continuity of their operations.

Who is it for?

The SAMA CSF Gap Assessment is designed for organizations looking to ensure that their cybersecurity posture meets the standards set by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority's (SAMA) Cybersecurity Framework.
This includes financial institutions, government agencies, and other organizations operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that are subject to SAMA's cybersecurity regulations. If you are looking to protect your assets and meet SAMA's stringent security requirements, our SAMA CSF Gap Assessment is the perfect solution. Our team of experienced cybersecurity professionals will thoroughly evaluate your organization's current security measures and provide recommendations for improvement, helping you strengthen your defenses and mitigate risk.

Our Methodology?

We have helped numerous businesses achieve SAMA compliance using our ORCA method, which involves observing, responding,complying, and increasing awareness.We can assist you in meeting SAMArequirements and enhancing your cybersecurity posture

Phase 1– Assessment

Asset Indentification:
  • - Determine which systems contain vital information
  • - Determine what compliance standards apply
  • - Identify which services are crucial

Gap & Risk Assessment:
  • - Identify controls that can close identified gaps
  • - Develop a plan to mitigate risk

Compliance Report:
  • - Audit the current posture and develop a compliance report

Phase 2– Rollout & Implementation

Security Measures:
  • - Implement security policies, procedures, and measures based on the risk mitigation plan

Technology Controls:
  • - Configure technology and tools that align with the risk mitigation plan

  • - (Mitigate human errors) by Running training and awareness programs to educate your employees

Management Controls:
  • - To mitigate risks, we implement procedural, managerial, and operational controls and use IAMs to assign roles to different users and prevent unauthorised access.

Phase 3– Rollout & Implementation

Periodic Security Testing:
  • - Vulnerability Assessments
  • - Penetration Testing
  • - Security configuration reviews

Managed Network Security:
  • - Firewall installation and management
  • - Firewall configuration assessment
  • - Network security assessment
  • - Monitoring services

Threat Detection and Response:
  • - Our managed SIEM solution includes 24/7 security monitoring and incident response.

Cloud & Endpoint Security:
  • - Implementing AI-based EDR solution, cloud security assessment, and cloud and endpoint security monitoring provide comprehensive protection

Phase 4– SAMA Compliance Audit

After a reasonable gestation period, a separate team of audit experts conduct an audit of your setup and ensure all measures are implemented, and identify any deviations from the defined SAMA CSF policies and procedures.
  • - The audit team will thoroughly review your system to ensure that all necessary measures have been implemented and are functioning as intended.
  • - They will also identify any areas where your system deviates from SAMA CSF policies and procedures, and provide recommendations for addressing these issues.
  • - The audit will be conducted in a thorough and unbiased manner, with the goal of helping your organization achieve and maintain compliance with SAMA CSF standards.


- Compliance with SAMA's cybersecurity regulations and guidelines
- Network security and infrastructure.
- Security of systems and applications.
- Better Access controls and identity management.
- Protection against Emerging Cyber Attacks and Threats.
- Business continuity and disaster recovery planning.
- Incident response and management. - Cybersecurity awareness and training for employees



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