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Web Application Vulnerability assesment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

A Vulnerability Assessment is a quick automated examination of network devices, servers, and systems to identify fundamental vulnerabilities and configuration issues that an attacker may be able to take benefit off. It is generally conducted within the network on internal devices.

A Penetration Test is an in-depth expert-driven activity focused on pinpointing various potential routes an attacker could use to break into the network. In addition to the vulnerabilities, it also identifies the potential damage and further internal compromise an attacker could carry out once they are past the perimeter.

Who is it for?

VAPT services are for businesses or organizations that want to find and eliminate security weaknesses in their Web-Apps, Publicly facing systems, and Networks that could potentially cause financial and reputational damages to the organization.

Our Methodology?

Snapsec use latest security tools and procedures to latest your system agains't online security threts, This onlcudes following the open-source guides from external organizations such as OWASP (Open Web Applications Security Project), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM).


Recon : We try to indentify as much as information about the our target orginisation, It includes using all the possible techniques to extract any valuable information which can be later on used to exploit the target system.

Default Credentials : indentify and test if any of the senstive servers/Web-Apps or system are using default credentials which can be used to fully compromise the system.

Injection Attacks: replicating the approach an external attacker would take to gain access to your apps, which includes any possible data input which can be used to perform an injection attack like XSS, SQli within the context of the application.

Broken Authentication and Session Management: testing and finding vulnerabilities within the authorization and authentication mechanism of the target system.

Sensitive Data Exposure : Identifying any possible files/endpoints/system which is publicly leaking any sensitive information to the internet. This include Fuzzing Endpoint, Directory Scanning and indentifying interal apps or hosts which are mistakely exposed to internet.

Server Security Misconfiguration: Indentifying any possible server side misconfigration isssue like subdomain takeovers, Mail Server Misconfigrations, Misconfigured DNS and etc.

Unpatched Service: This includes indentifying and exploiting any possible unpatched services running on the target servers or network.

Broken Authentication and Session Management: Identifying any possible security issue in login, Register or password sections of the target application, This also includes testing any possible ways to perform 0-click or 1-click accounts takeovers.

Insufficient Security Configurability: This includes testing and indentifying any security measures which are used in the target system but ins't implemented properly.


- Advantages of Analyzing Your IT Infrastructure
- Prioritize fixes with indepth report details
- Help meet regulatory and compliance requirements
- Customized reports will help you take both strategic and tactical decisions
- Discover Backdoors and Miss-configurations



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