Secure Your Digital Assets With
Our Comprehensive Services.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to help you protect your digital
assets and reduce your security risks.

Vulnerability assesment and Penetration Testing

VAPT services are for organisation who want to detect and fix security weaknesses in Web-Apps, networks, and publicly facing systems, safeguarding organizations from financial and reputational harm.

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Mobile Application Penetration Testing

For sensitive mobile apps, this service safeguards customer data. Vulnerable Android or Web Apps pose equal security risks for customer information. Ideal for organizations handling critical functionalities and data.

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Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Infrastructure Penetration Testing (IPT) is a comprehensive evaluation of organizational networks, servers, and infrastructure components. By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, IPT enhances cybersecurity resilience, mitigating potential financial and reputational risks.

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Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning software aids organizations in regularly testing applications and infrastructure, detecting issues proactively. Crucial for companies deploying code frequently, as changes impact logic, tech stack, dependencies, and introduce vulnerabilities to production servers.

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API Security Testing

API security service is offered to any orginisation running REST, GraphQL, and SOAP. We offer API security assesment service to companies with their API integrated their web application as well as to the companies who have an Seperate API as an service to their customers.

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Continuous Security Testing

Our service caters to companies frequently pushing code to production servers. Code changes impact logic, tech stack, dependencies, and may introduce new vulnerabilities. We help organizations continuously test applications and infrastructure, maintaining a vigilant eye on any potential risks in their network or application.

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Code Review

Our Code Review service is ideal for organizations and businesses of all sizes that develop software applications. Whether you're a startup, an established company, or a software development agency, our code review expertise can benefit you. We cater to a wide range of industries, including finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and more

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Cloud Security Testing

Cloud Security Testing benefits businesses of all sizes using public, private, or hybrid clouds. Crucial for those handling sensitive data, financial transactions, or relying on cloud-based applications. Our service caters to banking, healthcare, e-commerce, and technology industries, ensuring robust security measures for cloud utilization.

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Attack Surface Detection and Reduction

Attack Surface Detection and Reduction (ASDR) involves identifying and minimizing the exposed entry points and potential vulnerabilities in a system. By analyzing and mitigating attack surfaces, ASDR enhances cybersecurity, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and potential exploits.

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