Effortlessly manage, track, and resolve vulnerabilities with SnapSec's Continuous Security Management System.


The Assessment Planner is a tool designed to help organizations effectively plan and manage their security assessments. It simplifies the process of scheduling, coordinating, and executing these assessments to enhance the overall security of the organization.

Users can edit, delete, create, and send assessments for review directly within the planner. This means that if any changes or adjustments need to be made to an assessment, it can be done seamlessly. It also facilitates collaboration among team members by enabling them to review and provide feedback on assessments.

By using the Assessment Planner, organizations can optimize their security testing strategy and strengthen their overall security measures.

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The Vulnerability List feature provides a comprehensive overview of identified vulnerabilities, enabling organizations to effectively manage and track security issues. With a centralized list, users can access all vulnerabilities and their corresponding details easily. This includes the report date, status, severity, and comments for each vulnerability.

By offering insights into the vulnerabilities' status and severity, teams can prioritize remediation efforts and collaborate efficiently. The Vulnerability List feature streamlines vulnerability management, promotes timely resolution of security issues, and strengthens overall security measures.

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Our platform generates visually appealing and interactive reports that effectively communicate the identified vulnerabilities. These reports present information in a clear and engaging manner, making it easier for users to comprehend and prioritize remediation efforts.

Users have the flexibility to customize vulnerability reports according to their specific requirements. They can select the level of detail, choose relevant metrics, and tailor the format to suit their needs. This customization ensures that the reports provide the most relevant and actionable insights.

Our platform facilitates seamless collaboration by enabling users to engage in discussions and share insights directly within the vulnerability reports. This feature promotes efficient communication, encourages knowledge sharing, and helps resolve security issues promptly.

Our platform incorporates the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) score, a widely recognized industry standard for assessing vulnerability severity. This built-in scoring system provides a quantitative measure of vulnerability impact, allowing users to prioritize and address high-risk vulnerabilities effectively.

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The dashboard presents information in a visually appealing and intuitive manner, making it easy to grasp the overall security situation at a glance. Charts, graphs, and categorizations provide a structured and organized view of vulnerabilities, facilitating better decision-making.

With the top 5 open vulnerabilities highlighted, the dashboard helps you prioritize your actions effectively. It identifies the most critical security issues that require immediate attention, allowing you to focus on resolving them promptly.

Keep track of the progress made in resolving vulnerabilities. The dashboard shows the ratio of resolved to unresolved vulnerabilities, giving you insights into the effectiveness of your remediation efforts over time.

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